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A tool to find and engage valuable customers


Increased main KPI of number of engaged visitors by 300% MoM by introducing an experience that streamlines workflow to find and engage valuable visitors.




  • Product design
  • User research


The HYP3R platform empowers businesses with physical locations, such as theme parks, hotels, stadiums, restaurants and malls, to view and engage their visitors sharing from their locations on social media. The main KPI of HYP3R is the number of visitors engaged per account.

HYP3R enables users to browse social content shared from their physical locations in a "pinterest-style" experience.

In early 2018, we had a growth spur fueled by an enterprise sales effort to expand contract size within existing customers. In comparison, these new batch of users had a lower activation and engagement when compared to our existing user base.


After discarding seasonality, I interviewed and analyzed the behavior of users with low engagement to understand their needs and pain points:

Key findings

  1. Our user experience made finding visitors to engage time consuming. Our "Pinterest-Style" feed encouraged continuous exploration instead of decision-making.
  2. Users need to understand the "value of visitors” and validate that they align with their brand values before publicly engaging them on social media, but this info is either not available or behind multiple clicks.
  3. Engaging visitors is a secondary job for the new batch of users. In contrast, our existing user base is mostly comprised of social media managers whose primary focus is already managing social conversations.

A new cohort of marketers with distinct needs was emerging and it's critical for continuous growth and retention to serve their needs:


Marketers are struggling to integrate engaging visitors into their existing responsibilities because our user experience makes finding and engaging customers a time consuming process, resulting in low activation and engagement rate.

Ultimately, if we don't address these pain points, customers are likely to churn during the annual renewal period.

How may we empower marketers to quickly find and engage the most valuable visitors?


With a clear articulation of the problem, I conducted a design sprint with stakeholders from customer success, sales and EPD to brainstorm potential approaches:

From the sessions, we aligned as a team on exploring ways to streamline the experience to enable users to find “opportunities” and engage visitors more efficiently:

Solution principles

  1. Streamline discovery: Users should be able to quickly view most valuable visitors at any given moment.
  2. Accessible info: Users should have ready-access to information needed to make a decision to engage.
  3. Streamlined UX: User experience should only provide the minimum information and functionality to achieve the job.


I explored two UX concepts that streamlined the experience and dynamically surface the "most valuable visitors and their relevant information. To validate the approach, I conducted concept testing sessions with 12 users using clickable prototypes.

Overall, concept A resonated the most with users with a 100% of participants completing task without assistance and 10/12 participants selecting it as their preferred option when prompted.

Launch & iteration

In collaboration with our lead data scientist, we designed an algorithm to identify valuable visitors based on data points such as influence and loyalty.

We released a beta version to 10% of the user base to validate the effectiveness of new user experience. The new user experience generated over 350% more engaged visitors when compared to the old experience.

After the beta period, I interviewed beta users to identify aspects to improve. As a result, we designed and built the following improvements:

Engage with 1-Click

We streamlined the workflow even more by enabling users to skip or engage visitors with 1-click using pre-made templates and keyboard shortcuts.

Customizable queue

We enabled users to create rules to tailor their queue to their unique priorities or goals to provide more control over experience . e.g. visitors with large followings, verified profiles, visitors posting about special moments, such as birthdays 🥳

Extended customer profile

We expanded the visitor information available to include data points, such as activity across owned and competitive locations, to help users make a more informed decision.


The feature was designed, built and launched in less than 2 months. As a result, we:

  • Increased number of engaged visitors per account by ~300% MoM
  • Incremented avg. engaged visitors per user by ~125% MoM

In addition, multiple higher level KPIs improved as a result of the feature:

  • Reduce avg. time to activation from 10 days to 2 days 
  • Reduced avg. time to engagement from 16 min to 4 min

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