An "engineering-as-marketing" tool to capture hotel industry leads


Captured over 10K MQL’s by introducing a tool for hotel managers to benchmark their properties social activity against competitors




  • Product design


HYP3R was looking to generate inbound leads in the hospitality space to boost our enterprise sales motion and reduce our cost per lead.


The hospitality industry is worth over $5B a year, which means decision-makes in the space are exposed to thousands of impressions on a weekly basis and numerous industry reports, making it tough to stand out.

To break through the noise, we had to create a a compelling and useful asset to entice potential customers to sign up to learn more about the HYP3R platform.


Leverage our extensive dataset of of social data of hotels across the world to create HotelRanking.com — a tool that enables hotel managers and execs to benchmark the performance of their brands and properties on social media against their competitors.

The tool provides FREE ready-access to the social trends of over 350k hotels around the world, that include how hotels social activity ranks in their city and across the world.

Once visitors signed up with their email, the tool unlocked access to more robust reporting for any hotel, that included:

  • How hotels ranked against their nearby competitors
  • What other hotels have their guests stayed at
  • What guests are posting about from their hotel and competing hotels
  • How many of their visitors follow the hotel social profiles
  • What visitors are posting about from their hotel and competing hotels


HotelRanking.com was successfully designed, built and launched in less than 3 months. As a result, we:

  • Captured over 10K MQL’s which led to +$450K ARR
  • Achieved +42K social actions and over $50K in new owned media value
  • Reduce our Cost per Lead (CPL) by 70%
  • Achieved a Clickthrough Rate (CTR) 3x higher than our control campaigns

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